Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thesis: Wrap-Up

As of yesterday morning, SCAD Graduate Studies have approved of my entire Thesis! I got the email from the graduate coordinator at around 9 AM. Great way to wake up in the morning, I tell you what (I'm channeling Hank Hill lately, watching too much King of the Hill).

I feel not only relieved but shell-shocked. My thesis (both written and visual components) have been such a big portion of my life for the last couple of months (to a year now). Stress levels have gone up and down, the nights I toss and turn and sleep terribly from thesis overload, and just overall the amount of hard work I have sunk into it have all come to fruition. And? It feels great. Not to mention I am two weeks ahead of schedule.

It's great to have this peace of mind in knowing I will be receiving my MFA degree on time, as I walk across the stage in June.

Again, I'm going to plug my Thesis visual component. It's a 22-page visual adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart."

Paperback ($7.00) :

Downloadable PDF ($1.99) :


Cary said...

Well done D! So very excited for you and the life adventures that lay before you.



D said...

Thanks Cary!!!