Monday, June 21, 2010

What's New?

Hi all, just a quick update to dust off the cobwebs here and say what's happening as of late.

I'm updating for you from my parent's house in New York, where I've been since Thursday. I'm home till the end of the month to visit family, register my new car, and see some old friends. Oh, and enjoy the absolutely gorgeous weather. Have I mentioned that it's already been in the 100's down in Savannah? It hit a high of 80-something today on Long Island, and it's been really great. No humidity sells it for me. But anyway...

Monday Night Crew: Art (c) Jason Clarke. /plug plug plug

I may be off from my solid-weekly-paycheck job, but I'm with my second job- still coloring the comics for Monday Night Crew while I'm here at home. The artist and I have set up a free filesharing account to easily send .PSD files back and forth to each other. Speaking of coloring comics, I've been really enjoying being the colorist for the webcomic. It looks great on the site and the comic really pops, and I've been getting some good practice and improving my skills at the same time. It's a win-win for all!

In about a week, my new car should be registered and on the road! I'm too excited, because the last car I owned was twenty years old and had a slew of mechanical issues from day one (when we bought it back in '06). It served me well, though, and for a long time. I'm stoked about my upgrade though, THAT'S for sure.

Gonna get back to my Hey Arnold! marathon via my good friend Derek's Netflix instant queue. Just updated my iPod Touch to the iOS4, so I've got to play around with the new features!

Peace out!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stay Inside the Lines

In a not-so-subtle plug and promotion, I share with the world the witty gaming webcomic that's been going for, what, three years now(?), Monday Night Crew.

About a year or two ago, they stopped the use of color comics in order to update three times per week rather than once per week, due to the fact the artist was doing all of the work (penciling, inking, and digitally coloring) the comics alongside of his normal full-time j-o-b.

The guys in charge of the site have taken me under their wing (so to speak) to be the colorist for the comics Jason produces, as an experiment to see if the site's traffic increases and/or if people just simply prefer to have color comics over the black and white. I'll be doing this until the end of August. Who knows though, if it really takes off, I may be doing this for even longer.

I'll be honest though- I do love to digitally color. About a month or two ago I made this discovery. What's even better? People in general seem to respond positively and enjoy my colored art, because of it's vibrancy and liveliness (so I've been told).

So that being said, please check out the webcomic Monday Night Crew. It updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you have a spare moment, be sure to shoot them an email and give them feedback! Do you prefer the comic in color or black and white, or does it even matter to you?

Have a good weekend!