Saturday, May 14, 2011

Editor's Day

So, this weekend was Editor's Day for the Sequential Art department at SCAD! I was able to make the cut and get signed up for one of the coveted one-on-one interviews with the editors. I wanted to see one guy, and that guy was Chris Staros from Top Shelf Productions. My favorite comics, and biggest influences for myself and my art, are published by Top Shelf: "Owly" and "Korgi."

I had a great interview with Chris. He loved my art and my stories, especially the one with my adorable fox character. I can see my little guy right in there with the ever-cute Owly and Wormy (personally). He was able to envision my short story to branch into something bigger and better (a long form, yet self-contained set of books/stories). He recommended I turn the short story into a mini comic, and then to present it. I will definitely try to keep in touch.

Overall, a positive experience, and just the morale booster I needed.

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