Monday, April 19, 2010

Inspiration Road: Don't Miss Your Exit

I missed my exit sometime this evening.

I felt a wave of apathy, felt uninspired and unmotivated about my work later on today after one of my classes. The main reason being: because I'm paranoid people are tired of my work. I worry about what others think about what I do, and if they're tired of it. The Sequential Art graduate program is small. We see each other constantly and have just about every class together, so in short we really see what everyone is all about.

I am focusing my graduate career on the Children's and all-ages genre of storytelling. Other graduates are focusing on other areas. I'm doing work in this area in order to really build my portfolio. The time for experimentation and jumping around to all kinds of styles and things was during my undergraduate career: now it's "serious time."

After a bit of talking with my roommate, and a cup of coffee, I brought myself back down to reality and realized that I am worrying too much about what other people think, and not enough about what I think. First and foremost I should be happy, and as long as one person likes what I do, it's a success. From what I know, many people like what I do. I just have to put my head on straight, focus, and get the job done. I sat myself down at my drawing table and sketched out a page for a personal story that is going towards my 45-hour graduate review in a few weeks. Powering through the fog helped me get back to my normal, confident self.

You can't please everyone out there, it's impossible. I just have to remember that.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some "Suite" Cards (ba dum pish!)

Finished my four playing cards today. Not an entire set- which I think would be awesome. Maybe I'll complete the set gradually one of these days. :) I really enjoy the theme. Owls!

The Joker: Trippin' eggs, man!

The King of Hearts: Owl Mosh Pit.

The Queen of Hearts: Owl Cuddles. :-)

Ten of Hearts: That's a flimsy branch... 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hermit Artists

I like coffee... a lot.

Today, I spent the majority of the afternoon sketching and drawing at the local Starbucks, right on the corner of Broughton and Bull Street with my friend, roommate, and fellow Sequential graduate student Melanie! It's always a good time. A cup of coffee, a friend, good conversation, and sketching? Um, perfect!

As a Sequential Artist, it's a general knowledge that we don't get out much because we are stuck at our drawing desks and in our studios all the time working. In essence, it's been, in jest, said to be a "standard" amongst the major to be hermits.

I love to get out of the apartment and out of my room to draw. It not only lets me enjoy the day (and the weather has been downright gorgeous in Savannah as of late, that's spring time for you) but it gets me out into the world and encourages me to be social. It's easy to fall into "hermit mode" when you're so used to drawing for long periods of time by yourself.

So with that said, I suggest you fellow artists to go out places and draw. It's refreshing!

Friday, April 9, 2010

SCAD Con / Editor's Day

D.J., your poster designing skills are unmatched!

This past week sure has been a busy week, to prepare for one busy (yet exciting) day.

Today was the Sequential Art department's Editor's Day, for the first time held at the Career Fair. Also for the first time, there was a small Artist Alley. All together- it was named the first annual SCAD Con!

I was scheduled to meet with David Saylor, the Vice President and Creative Director for Scholastic. You might have heard of them. They've recently, within the last few years, started up a new section called "Scholastic Graphix" that's all about Children's comic books: a section that doesn't nearly get enough attention.

Now, since my graduate student career is focused around children's books and illustrations, and exploring Children's comics (as well as diving into the genre for my thesis), this meeting was definitely just right for me. I was super excited (and nervous!) to meet him and hear what he had to say.

Looking over my portfolio, he was very happy with what I had, my style, and my focus/direction as an Illustrator and comic creator. He particularly enjoyed my story about the foxes, and my illustrations for it. I definitely have a fan for them. He gave me a few pointers, and said overall that I was definitely in the right direction. He had no business cards on him (shamey shamey! :P) but he wrote down his email address for me in my sketchbook, and I handed him one of my own cards. He was happy to see there was a little fox sketch on it. I guess that'll make him remember me- that's a good thing, huh? I should have put one on the resume that I dropped into his box, though. That would have sealed it.

It was good to see some alumni- especially my friend Dan Morris. He's in town for the weekend, and if he happens to be reading this right now, I will just say that there's a trip to IHOP in order, and it has to go down before he goes. I'm just sayin'. :)

Overall thoughts: I did well today, and got a connection. The Artist Alley was pretty cool and I got to say hello to some fellow grad students and friends. Oh, and my feet are killing me. Darn heels.

I hope the rest of my Sequential peers did well today with their meetings with the Editors!

So say we all.