Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm Alive!

If I was a cat and had a lot of work to do, this would be me.

So, it's been awhile. I apologize for the stint of silence. I've been dealing with a lot and to be honest, everything I've been working on has been "in-progress," so I haven't had much finished work to show here. Now that some of the stuff I've been working on is reaching the "finished" stage, I'll break my silence and show you all what I've been working on.


I've covered more ground on my base website design. Yes, the freaky "screaming" tree, as myself and some friends of mine affectionately call it. Trust me though, the giant gaping knothole in said tree is on purpose, and it won't be a ominous abyss when all is said and done. There will be stuff to go in that space, such as gallery thumbnails, or little info tidbits.

I would wear this in a heartbeat.

As part of the same project, we also have to create merchandise (as well as a poster design, billboard design, and so on). I started playing around with a t-shirt design starring my little fox character. It's so cute, it may give you  a cavity!

That's all for now!

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