Monday, October 24, 2011

A Good Deed

Hello all! Long time, no see. My apologies for neglecting this blog lately. I have an alternative blog over at that I am using more often these days. It's a combination of inspirational images, sporadic written blog posts, personal art as well as from other artists, and so on.

However, I am writing this morning because I have been inspired by the events that have happened rather early on this Monday morning.

Meet Kody.

I found this adorable, pretty, and super-friendly puppy today. She walked up to me as I sat outside the Victory Dr Starbucks in Savannah, GA and she seemed to hang around with me.

I didn’t see where she came from initially, so I thought at first the owner went in to Starbucks to grab a quick cup of coffee. I found it odd that she wasn’t leashed or anything though, so I kept an eye on her so she wouldn’t wander into the parking lot or road. I petted her, scratched her back and fed her some of my plain bagel I was eating and she was content as can be.
I waited about 20 minutes til I had this suspicion she was lost. Her tags said she was from 41st st! I dialed the number and spoke to a guy who sounded not only sleepy (it WAS 9am) but grateful and worried at the same time. If Kody was MY dog, I’d have been worried sick! She was such a sweetie. 

I helped her reunite with her owner this morning. I kinda miss her already. :)

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The Vox said...

Yaaay! I hate seeing so many lost dogs wandering around Savannah. Especially the puppies that I once saw hanging around the railroad tracks on Barnard St.